O Holy Spirit

O holy spirit, come to me
And take me for thine own
Come with thy power and with thy grace
And make my heart thy home

O holy spirit dwell in me
And cleanse my heart from sin
Redeem from every guilt and stain
O make me pure within

 O for a heart of calm repose amid the world’s loud roar
A life that like a river flows along a peaceful shore

O holy spirit quicken me
And set my soul aflame
Urge me to magnify the Lord
And thus, proclaim His name

Above these scenes of storm and strife there spreads a region fair
Give me to live that higher life and breathe that heavenly air

Come holy spirit
Breathe that peace
That victory make me win
Then shall my soul her conflict cease,
find a heav’n within

O holy spirit lead thou me
Along life’s rugged road
Lead me until I reach my home
With Christ, my Lord, my God

Arr. Seth Thomas Crissman © 2013