Fierce Raged the Tempest

Fierce raged the tempest o’er the deep
Watch did your anxious servants keep
But you were wrapped in guileless sleep
Calm and still

Save, Lord, we perish, was their cry
O save us in our agony
Your word above the storm rose high
Peace be still

The wild winds hushed, the angry deep
Sank like a little child to sleep
The sullen billows ceased to leap
At your will

So when our life is clouded o’er
And stormwinds drift us from the shore
Say, lest we sink to rise no more
Peace, be still
Peace, be still
It is well with my soul. 



“The story of Jesus calming the waves is powerful. It’s easy for any of us to enter into the disciples’ shoes and relate to their emotions. They were powerless and fearful at the current situation. Afraid of capsizing and perishing, they rush to Christ who is sleeping on the boat. He awakes and calms the winds, waves, and hearts with three words, “Peace! Be Still!”

"The text of this song lays out this story beautifully and gives believers some very important reminders. The last verse is incredibly powerful in urging us towards Christ in the times when life is clouded. When storms arise. When death is around us. When we are powerless. “Say lest we sink to rise no more, Peace be still.”

"The prayer for our music and mission in bringing it is that you, too, would find the comfort and peace of following a Savior who calms storms with ease and brings His beloved near.” - Mik 

Michael – Lead Vocals; Rachel – Harmony Vocals; Adam – Banjo; Greg – Accordion; Seth – Guitar; Kristina – Violin; Jackson – Bass, Harmony Vocals

 Text: Godfrey Thring, 1862; Music: Seth Crissman, 2015