Each Morning Brings

Each morning brings us fresh outpoured
The loving kindness of the Lord
It ends not as the day goes past
But gives us strength while life shall last

It gives us strength for God’s own will
That we may love and follow still
When evening’s sun is sinking low
And we have further yet to go

To go and show God’s love we’re called,
For we are the hands and feet that walk;
So walk, whether night or brightest day,
That we might always -- come what may --
Be Jesus’ feet and Jesus’ hands,
Through waters high, over sun-parched lands,
Carrying the peace of God’s kingdom
And the love we see when the morning comes



“This text, written in the 1500s by Johannes Zwich, often comes to mind as I watch the sun rise over the mountains on my morning commute. No matter what the previous day held, each morning brings a fresh opportunity to draw strength from Christ's love as well as to be ambassadors of Jesus' teachings to those we meet. The renewing energy of the morning sun serves as a daily reminder of new beginnings and the mercy of another day to live into the call of Christ's mission.” - Kristina

“If you try to find this text in your hymnal, you might have success finding the first verse, depending on which hymnal you consult. Written by Johannes Zwick in 1536, this verse captures what I feel when I get up at dawn to work a few hours in the field while it is still cool. I wrote verses 2, 3 and 4 of this version, starting each verse with some version of the last line of the verse before it to give it momentum. It is really important for us to pause, whether it is in the morning, in the evening, or at some other point in the day, and take in the beauty around us, remembering how amazing it is that God lovingly made this for us to experience. But it can't stop there, and that's why the movement in verses 2-4 is so important: this beautiful creation gives us strength, strength to follow and seek God's will, strength to go where God calls, strength to go and actually be God's love to other people, strength to share the hope in God's love that we see in that pinkish hue gradually washing over the garden.” - Greg

Greg – Vocals; Seth – Guitar

Text: Johannes Zwick, 1536 and Gregory J. Yoder, 2015; Music: Gregory J. Yoder, 201