Summertime Livin' (Good for the Summertime Soul)

Sippin’ on summer, got a glass from the past,
Pass da tea to me, please; see? I got class
Iced-tea nicely sends me reminiscing
To those summer time nights spent summer-time kissing
Listen, I’m not missing the summer snakes hissing
But the bliss of the kiss, mmm, this kid’s wishing his
Summer never ended, summer is splendid
Lazing, watching cows grazing, I can recommend it
Spend my summer in the fields, see what they yield
Kneeling, dealing in seeds and stealing out weeds
And feeling the breeze and feeling at ease, come and go as I please
New life is coming, my wife is humming,
Guitar by the stars, I’m sprightly strumming
And nightly hoping, open skies forthcoming,
First star, wish summer-time beat’d keep drumming

Summertime livin' is good for the summertime soul

Come suppertime, I’m summertime grilling
Veggies heavy on my plate, limes summer-time chilling
In my drink, filling up the chinks in my armor left by the shawarma,
Sound the alarm, I’m loving this life, eating out most nights,

Not out in a diner, but the food’s out of sight
Got a table on the porch and it didn’t cost a fortune
Dining al fresca, and living like Gorschwin
Pardon my German, what I meant was Gershwin
George got me singing like a summertime person

"Summertime, and the living is easy,
and I’m primed to keep it light and breezy,"
And tonight, though it’s cheesy, let’s dance by the moon
This’ll get you whistling a summertime tune
Toes start tapping when I start rapping
It’s the summertime, honey, so just let it happen

Summertime livin' is good for the summertime soul

© Gregory J. Yoder, 2016