Norfolk Southern

There’s a lonesome whistle rattling my door
But it’s been years, and the trains don’t come through anymore
Doesn’t seem to matter, that sound won’t leave me alone
And it’ll be many more years ‘til the Norfolk Southern can carry me home

There’s a creeping darkness under my skin
Though it’s been awhile since the wolf knocked, and I’ve never let him in
Still I cannot change it, cannot change that I am only flesh and bone
And I am bound to wait for the Norfolk Southern to carry me home

The day is long, and I know I’m not strong enough
These feet can’t get the job done
The night moves slow, hear the whistle blow
When’s that train gonna come?

There’s a hungry longing begging my bones
To take me back to a time when I knew my way home
Nothing looks familiar, can’t remember the places I’ve known
So I am left here just hoping the Norfolk Southern can carry me

© Gregory J. Yoder and Seth Thomas Crissman, 2016